We at TrueGrittFiction are honored to have the Author RH Peppers as a part of our strong list of Authors and Playwrights, creating entertaining eBook/eComics, Animation Movies and Soundtracks that are now available for viewing and purchase! The RH Peppers Collections are a mixture of drama based graphic eBooks/eComics, animated movies and audio book series, most of which are developed from excerpts of Plays written by, RH Peppers.    

  ~I am most appreciative to any and all that have taken the time to visit my collection of writings.. I hope you have as much fun reading, viewing and/or hearing these many pieces as I have had making them..~  

8^/ RH Peppers

Two To Tangle



**NOVEL** From the journals of Sampson Peppers, Jr. comes a crime novel that show the inner workings of a successful criminal empire and the pursuit of a special agent of the FBI, Michael Jones, first hand perspective of cornering Sampson Peppers, Jr. by way of involving one of the kingpin's best childhood friends. Two to Tangle is fast paced and intriguing and first installment of an ongoing crime series.


Dark Liquor



This Graphic Novel series follows the life of Red and ChaCha Fuego, a modern day Bonnie and Clyde as they live a double life of luxury and robbing drug dealers in order to protect a rundown neighborhood.





A poetic Graphic Novel series that follows the life of young Peppers raised by his father and his father's gangster friends. Though raised in a criminal atmosphere the young man is taught sound principles on life and given the choice to live in the Sunshine or Shadows.


Welcome to Lovers' Lane


A Graphic Novel series includes poems written by RH Peppers overlaying Graphic works of his lovely wife Femm Koray.. Come follow the more tender side of the spicy couple.. When the jobs are done.. in their one on one moments..