A Graphic Novel series that follows the life of young Peppers raised by his father and his father's gangster friends. Though raised in a criminal atmosphere the young man is taught sound principles on life and given the choice to live in the Sunshine or Shadows.


Red is the most recent heir to a large portion of his Tribe's (Native American) territory that has had a lasting treaty with the United States Federal government.. The territory has recently been passed down to him due to an untimely mishap with his uncle, Steady Eddie.. The suspicion of his uncle's death along with the running down of his territory by gangs and faulty politicians have brought this twosome to the point of making a vigulent change for the survival of this historic piece of land..


This Graphic Novel is an adaptation of the play 'Dark Liquor' written by RH Peppers.. It is an exciting and adventurous ongoing crime/drama series. Graphics are 3D picture/animation produced by Femm Koray and script written in RH Peppers' unique  Poetic fashion. A page turner and enjoyable read.


Two to Tangle

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